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Residential Furnace Repair

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Residential Furnace Repair Experts Serving Northwest Illinois and Southern Wisconsin

Residential Furnace Repair

We understand how frustrating a furnace breakdown can be. Searching the Internet for the best furnace repair services in Freeport, Illinois and surrounding areas takes time. This frustration can cause stress in your home, but our skilled technicians can assist you today.

Loescher’s knowledgeable heating system experts will come to you and quickly restore warm air flow through your ductwork. We will diagnose the problem and repair your heater as soon as possible. Stop wondering when your furnace will be able to heat your home again and contact our furnace experts today!

Schedule your furnace repair with us today! Call (855) 499-4328 for a diagnostic with any repair in Northwest IL.

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Does Your Electric or Gas Furnace Need Repairs?

There are a few steps you can take before calling a central heating repair professional that will help you save money. Begin by checking your pilot light to see if it is turned off in a gas furnace. If it is, please ensure that any propane tanks that feed it are full and refer to your operation manual to relight it. Next, double-check and reset your breakers. If the above remedies do not resolve your problem and your system exhibits any of the following symptoms, it may be time to contact professional Freeport, IL furnace repair services.

A properly working heating system will cycle on and off while keeping the temperature constant. It may struggle to keep up if it cycles too frequently. This cycling will result in increased energy consumption and a less comfortable home. Your energy bills may rise significantly each year. These are common signs that your furnace needs to be repaired. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please contact us right away. (855) 499-4328

The Importance of HVAC Maintenance

From routine maintenance to installing the new system for a quick fix, our team at Loescher HVAC knows what it takes to keep your family cool, comfy, and satisfied no matter the weather outside.

Extends Lifespan

Like any other piece of equipment, a furnace and an air conditioning, wears out over time. In the same way that an oil change allows your vehicle to run as efficiently as possible, a tune and check functions the same way for your HVAC equipment allowing to function as best it can for as long as possible.

Save Money

Regular maintenance now only helps your units run as efficiently as possible. Additionally, it can identify any issues that may arise mid-season allowing you to avoid an expensive mid-season system failure.

Air Quality

A dirty HVAC unit outputs dirty, polluted air into your home. On the other hand, a clean, well-functioning HVAC system allows your unit to filter out undesired allergens and air pollutans, helping you and those you love to breathe cleaner, fresher air.


When an HVAC unit isn’t running as effeciently as possible, there’s always the potential of overheating or misfiring, which poses a significant safety risk for those in your household. Regular maintenance allows these safety hazards to be avoided in advance.

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