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4 Christmas HVAC Tips

While holidays are often referred to as the most wonderful time of the year, they are also one of the busiest seasons. While you’re thinking about last minute shopping. Parties, and holiday dinner menus, you shouldn’t have to worry about your HVAC system. Check out our helpful tips below for a very Merry Christmas!

Keep Your Vents Clear

With the decorations, presents, and Christmas tree, there are plenty of extra items taking up space in our homes at Christmas. Be sure to make sure nothing is blocking your air vents. When air vents are covered, they aren’t able to do their job in keeping your home warm and cozy. This makes your HVAC system work harder, which could be costly in the future.

Be Mindful of Flammable Objects

Be sure to keep any flammable objects like paper, packages and blankets away from any heating sources including space heaters, radiators, electric blankets, and more. Rest easy knowing that you are keeping you and yours safe this holiday season.

Don’t Cover your Thermostat

Holiday decorations look great, but don’t get too carried away by covering your thermostat. When your thermostat is covered, this makes it difficult for your thermostat to accurately gauge the temperature in your home. When your thermostat can’t accurately read your home temperature, your furnace can’t do its job accurately either. This can lead to a chilly home and more money spent on heating than necessary.

Call The Experts At Loescher HVAC

One of the best things you can do for your HVAC system this holiday season (and all winter long) is have it properly inspected by the trained team at Loescher Heating & Air Conditioning. Preventative maintenance aids in the life expectancy of your equipment and may alleviate an expensive mid-winter equipment failure.

Need some extra assistance?

While our offices are closed on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years’ Eve, & New Years’ Day, we are still available to take emergency calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you run into trouble with your HVAC system, simply call us 855.499.HEAT and we’ll do everything we can to get you back to your celebration as quickly as possible.

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